Investments & Business Management
Applied Experience & Strategies
Unparalleled Innovation & Execution
Valuable Leadership & Corporate Network

Overview • Leadership • Approach • Execution • Relationships • Focus • Experience


We develop and manage investments and businesses with distinctive competitive advantages. Our unique mix of world-class professionals leverage our network of assets and relationships to deliver systematically exceptional results.

We provide Private Equity & Venture Capital and Advisory & Consulting Services.


Our leadership team is comprised of experienced and successful entrepreneurs and industry experts that are passionate about the effectiveness and growth of each investment and business.  To learn more about our leadership team, click here.


Our applied experience and leveraged business approach enable us to understand, and address, the challenges and goals of your investments and business. Our operational hands-on approach maximizes our involvement, ensuring your investments and business success.


Our innovation and rapid execution help us strategize, optimize, and implement a unique solution for each of our select projects. To ensure success in today’s markets, we need to  be the forward thinking and quick moving game changers.


Our network of business leaders and corporate relationships consists of experienced entrepreneurs and executives that have built numerous successful companies in a wide array of markets, as well as financial experts that have grown funds and investments with significance.


We limit the number of new projects to enable the highest level of dedication. To effectively grow our interests and ensure success, we primarily focus on businesses that have:

  • Strong Values and Belief System
  • Forward Thinking Technology
  • Protected Intellectual Property
  • Proprietary Products/Services
  • Sustainable Growth Potential


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Communications
  • Healthcare
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Financial Services

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